Pan Tilt

PTP (Pan Tilt Platform) Product Family

PTP Product Family, transforms fixed camera to movable in pan and tilt positions with high precision for military and public applications requirements with its models for the different payloads.

PTP Product Family

  • PTP-025
  • PTP-025 ABS
  • PTP-025M
  • PTP-010 ABS
  • PTP-010 INC
  • PTP-050
  • PTP-005

General Features

  • 5-10-25-50 Kg Payload options
  • 360 Degree Pan, -90/+40 Degree Tilt Movement Capability
  • PELCO-D PTZ Compliance Function


HTR PTZ Controller Keyboard

It provides high precision pan tilt and zoom ability to cameras on pan tilt platforms.


General Qualifications

  • 3-Directions (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Joystick Module
  • Impact-Proof Design
  • ONVIF Based
  • In-Built Multi-Protocol
  • 2 USB Interfaces


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