HTR R&D Center

Since its establishment in 2017, HTR R&D Center, with the vision of contributing to the national economy by developing high-tech and R&D-based domestic and national products in the national and international defense, security and information sectors; has been adopted to carry out research and development activities of sensors that provide awareness such as radar and imaging systems required by these sectors, system integration according to the the needs, design and production with advanced analysis software, supply reliable solutions with high performance and high quality as a mission.

Htr Arge

Fields of Activity

  • Embedded Software and Digital Design
  • Hardware Design
  • RF Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Signal Processing
  • Software Development and Artificial Intelligence Applications.


R&D Solutions

SWIR Camera System

SWIR camera is a camera system that operates in the near-infrared wave spectrum that the human eye cannot detect and provides its users with a higher performance vision compared to normal cameras to detect and track targets at night and in harsh weather conditions.

VNIR Camera System

VNIR Camera is a high resolution camera system that provides color images in low light conditions and works in the Visible-Near Infrared wavelength. More Information

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Sezgi Radar

Sezgi is a motion detection sensor that can detect and track human and vehicle targets in border and critical facility areas without lighting in harsh weather conditions with high performance. Sezgi can detect and transmit the range, angle and speed information of multiple targets at the same time, adapt to changing environmental conditions and maintain this performance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Due to its electronic scanning capability, it can provide control in a wide area.

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Early Warning System (ERISIS)

With the ERISIS Security Management Platform, intelligent alarm management is carried out by ensuring the integration of devices such as different types and brands of cameras, radars, acoustic sensors, etc.

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Laser Illuminator

Laser Illuminator has an optical design that increases night vision capability in IR cameras in security systems, provides high quality (uniform beam) IR laser illumination to provide the highest level of awareness and eliminates off-axis deviations with its adjustable laser output angle.

Intelligent Object Recognition System

Intelligent Object Recognition System, which is among the Advanced Analysis Software, uses machine learning and deep learning techniques to use object recognition, tracking, identification and lost object detection applications.

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