Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems Directorate, with its more than 30 years of experience since 1990, provides installation, integration, modification, modernization and Integrated Logistics Support (ELD) services of various electronic systems, especially radar systems in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory.

Fields of Activity

  • Multi-Purpose Operator Console Design
  • Waveguide Design
  • Obsolescence Solutions
  • OJT and User Level Training
  • Electronic Card Design
  • Electronic and Mechanical Integrations
  • Integrated Logistics Support Services: On Site Maintenance and Depot Level Maintenance
  • Power Electronics Design
  • Depot Level Repair and Maintenance Solutions for Systems and Subsystems
  • Modernization Activities
  • Engineering Solutions
  • RF Card Design
  • Interior Shelter Design and Equipping
  • Test and Commissioning Activities
  • Software Testing Services



Following services are provided for Radar and electronic systems with high quality standards.

  • Production,
  • Factory tests,
  • Installation,
  • Site integration,
  • Site tests,
  • Logistics services,
  • Electronic and mechanical maintenance and repair on site and at factory,
  • Technical support and consultancy services (on site and at factory),
  • Technical training services (on site and educational institutions),
  • Engineering services,
  • Modification services,
  • Configuration management services,
  • Depot level repair and refurbishment of defective materials.


Technical Visit Services

The radar systems at military bases are visited to;

  • Measure system performance,
  • Check technical characteristics and capacity,
  • Examine and analyze material use and failure logs,
  • Determine modification needs,
  • Determine scheduled maintenance, labor and material needs,
  • Determine scheduled and emergency needs that directly affect system activities.



Radar Bakim

Depot Level Maintenance of TRS-22XX Air Defense Radar

HTR provides depot level maintenance and repair services for TRS-22XX Radars.

Baris Kartali

Installation, Testing and Engineering Services of for Peace Eagle Air Platform Radars

Within the scope of the Peace Eagle Project, HTR successfully completed the integration and testing of MESA radars.

Uzun Ufuk Projesi

Long Horizon Project - Installation, Testing, Engineering and Logistics Services for Coastal Surveillance Radars

HTR has successfully completed the integration and testing of SURICATE radars within the scope of the Long Horizon Project. HTR still provides integrated logistic support services under Performance-Based Logistics Model.

Rls Anten Modifikasyonu

Modernization of TRS 22XX Radars

HTR is carrying out the modernization of TRS 22XX Radar Systems.

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